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Day trading:

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This is where all official day trade L MONEY ENTERPRISES LLC. Callouts by our analysts are posted, as well as pertinent information regarding currently active plays.

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is updated daily with current plays developing that we feel have a high probability of making a good run for the day, or tickers we are simply interested in. This is a watch list, NOT a buy list. Watchlists are updated regularly as plays progress, and tickers that are on Main Watch are written in bold.

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has all of our Official Price Targets posted so that you see where we anticipate a Call Out to run to, as well as possibly a good area to lock in profits. PTs are good levels to scale out a position at, and TPPTs (Take-Profit Price Targets) indicate the possible end of a major run.

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This is where members can post regarding day trades during Pre-Market and Regular Market Hours. We try to keep it clean (free of chatter unrelated to the day trades).

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All members can use this channel to discuss trades between the hours of 4PM and 8PM E.T. The channel is closed after 8PM, please refrain from use after that time. (Premarket discussions are normally held in members-floor ).

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(L$) LIVE SESSIONS Voice Channel:

is where we host our daily live sessions & give very thorough analysis of every Official Call Out made.

Luxury Members can enjoy PRE Market and regular market live sessions regularly hosted by Daniel and Big Rich!!!

Swing Trading:

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Tickers that are currently on watch or in play are posted. This channel is restricted to analysts only.

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Contains swing play Call Outs and for our swing analysts to give thorough detail on current or potential trades. This channel is restricted to analysts only.

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All members can discuss swing trades in this channel. This channel is always open.

Options trading:

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options-call-outs and |options-watch-list

are for our Official L-Money analysts to provide information on current and potential upcoming options trades.

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This is where members can post regarding day trades. We try to keep it clean (free of chatter unrelated to the day trades).


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channel is always kept up to date with pertinent information that is critical to every trade. Any member can post here. Please post the news with a link if possible and the associated ticker(s). Otherwise please no conversations.

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Members are free to discuss anything in here 24 hours per day. Keep in mind, there are youngsters that are part of the Fam. We like to keep it fairly clean so they are comfortable as well.