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About Us 

Discover The Stock Market & Day Trading excitement With MONEY ENTERPRISES LLC.

Everyone should have the chance to grow their own personal wealth and to throw their hat into the ring when it comes to the stock market. But knowing how to best go about day trading and investing can be difficult, as bad trades can cause huge potential losses. L MONEY ENTERPRISES LLC. is an online community dedicated to expanding members’ knowledge of the stock market, and how to best take advantage of day trading and investing. Started by a group of friends interested in getting involved with stocks, the L MONEY ENTERPRISES LLC. online community was born out of a desire to share education, resources, and proprietary strategies so others can take advantage of them.

At L MONEY ENTERPRISES LLC., we're family. Our server provides stock trading callouts and hosts informative weekly lessons. We host Live Voice Sessions every day from 7:00 am EST - 4 pm EST.

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Operating on the online platform Discord, members — also referred to members of “The Lam Fam” — have access to:

  • Audiocasts of L MONEY ENTERPRISES LLC.’S founders discussing the latest in the stock market

  • Collaborative communication with other like-minded individuals interested in day trading

  • Ongoing price targets

  • Updates on the latest stock market news

Members can also take advantage of analysis from experienced experts and a vast library of educational content. Our L MONEY ENTERPRISES LLC. community is designed to help everyone reach their individual financial goals and to share knowledge on preventing losses and course-correcting after a loss. Focusing on making quality trades over quantity, it’s our mission to make everyone a better stock market trader! Learn more about our L MONEY ENTERPRISES LLC. and join our community today!

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